What our customers say...

“It is refreshing to work with a firm who understands that training solutions are not “one size fits all.” The ability to customize / shorten / combine trainings to minimize the time lost for our employees is critical in a manufacturing environment. Our most recent experience with the RCTaylor Group combined DISC training with Positude, and made it easier for our employees to understand and effectively manage the occasional conflicts and frustrations that can happen in any team environment. In addition, our presenter was a dynamo who captured and kept the class engaged, and was really able to maximize the impact.”

–Human Resources Director, technology organization

About Us

Pamela Canning

We think it’s Pamela’s wonderful life balance that allows her to be so effective with leaders and teams.  Whether in front of a large group, or one-on-one as an executive coach, Pamela is one of those rare masters of the art of “holding the mirror up to your face” – and in so doing, she helps you grow.  Pamela is always learning, usually the first to read about and evaluate a new trend or approach.

Pamela blends her extensive management experience as a learning and development executive in the financial services industry with her continuous training as a Sherpa-certified coach, and is truly a favorite of every client she meets!


LaFran Horn

LaFran seems to make friends for life.  Her devoted interest in her clients’ goals, and her passion for designing and delivering just the right solution, earns her their steadfast praise and loyalty.  And whether she’s leading a highly interactive sales training workshop, or helping a customer service group understand how to work effectively with people they don’t know and sometimes can’t see, LaFran inspires great performance by guiding people to uncover their “inner drive.”

Maybe it’s LaFran’s background in the medical field that fuels her to help others to be more successful, but whatever the reason, it works!


Stuart Brooks

Stuart is the self-described luckiest guy in the world.  Having spent the “first half” of his career developing leaders and building teams in a specialty retail environment, he views the RCTaylor Group as his opportunity to help others do just that in their organizations. When people can understand and believe in the purpose of their organization, and then clearly link their own work to that purpose, all kinds of great things will result:  higher productivity and profitability, outstanding levels of associate engagement, teamwork and collaboration.  Leaders at all levels are the key to this – from the CEO to the local manager – because a company’s culture is really 90% local, 10% corporate.  For Stuart, it’s a privilege to work with leaders who want to become more effective, whether in groups of senior or emerging leaders, or individually in an executive coaching relationship.


Mei-Ling Grant – in so many ways the heartbeat of the RCTaylor Group.  Mei-Ling is the one you’ll first meet on the phone. She’s the one who manages the details, the one who guides clients through the administration of their DiSC assessment management system, the one who keeps track of us all.  It’s our great fortune to have Mei-Ling representing us so well!

Barbara Roqué is a rare blend of organization and creativity.  A wiz at learning management systems and content formatted for online learning, Barbara is also our go-to guru for such things as on-boarding processes and internal training and development systems that are easy for clients to use and teach.  She’s also our own webmaster and resident expert when we have “how do you do that…?” questions about our computers.

Anne Lacey manages our accounting and bookkeeping processes.  More candidly, Anne keeps us on time and under control, making sure our relationships with clients are as well-tended on the back end as we try to keep them up front.