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Some might find it odd that I pass on an article written by another consulting group, but this opportunity is important.  (And while I know we share some clients, there are big differences between our two groups, particularly size and all things related to that.) 


We tell people that our Leadership Development work is not off-the-shelf, certainly not an “open enrollment” program at a getaway destination like so many of this genre.  Ours is always custom-crafted for the company, the group of leaders involved, and the particular challenges ahead for the organization.  It’s a carefully-designed blend of fundamental self-awareness and examination of assumptions, practical teaching, situation-specific knowledge and skill development, applied work between meetings with one-on-one leadership coaching to support successful application, and measurement of sustained results.  Our processes win praise from our clients – and are impressively affordable when compared to what may be offered by the “big firms.”


But I certainly admire some of the work of the “big firms” too – like this article just published by the venerable McKinsey and Company.  Drop me a note with your thoughts (sbrooks@rctaylor.com).

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