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One of the acronyms I learned when I joined the RCTaylor Group was ESMO. We often share it as part of the ground rules at the beginning of our workshops. ESMO.  It stands for enough said, move on.  It can be an effective tool to keep meetings on track.


It is a respectful way to say, “We’ve heard you.  We get it.  Stop beating a dead horse.  It’s time to move on.”


But one important point: you must first hear out the speaker before you can use ESMO. Just because someone is known to go on and on ad nauseum does not warrant ESMO when they first open their mouth.   Hear them out.  Then, if they repeatedly make the same point, or go on and on about something, ESMO is appropriate.  You can also ESMO a topic, when the discussion keeps going round and round with no added value.


To make this a safe practice in your meetings, ESMO yourself!! Lead by example.  If you find yourself spending too much time on a topic, or making the same point multiple times, simply say “I’m going to ESMO myself!” and stop talking.


Give ESMO a try.  You may find your meetings are much more efficient and productive!

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