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To Make it Happen, Schedule it


I’ve talked with some of my clients about their priorities for 2016.  I’ve heard things like, “I want to get the whole team together twice a year, face-to-face, but it’s going to be a challenge to coordinate everyone’s schedules.”  Or, “I want to be sure to spend time in the field with my managers on a quarterly basis, but that’s going to be tough to pull off.”


Scheduling is the link between knowing what to do and actually do it. If it’s important, then schedule it NOW. Protect it on your calendar. Ask team members to protect it on their calendar. Let them know that this is a priority. And if it is scheduled, it is much more likely to take place. That’s why your doctor and dentist (and just about any other professional) schedules your follow up appointment before you leave their office.  


This principle is applicable for other aspects of your life, too.  Do you value your workouts at the gym? Schedule it.  Is quality time with your significant other and family important to you?  Schedule it.  Do you need focused time each day to attend to the priorities of your job?  Schedule it.  Get the idea?


Now I understand that life happens and you need to be flexible.  But be careful not to sacrifice what you believe is important to lesser priorities. Stephen Covey challenged us to “put first things first.” 


What’s important for you in 2016?  To make it happen, schedule it!

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