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In the last blog post I discussed the need for frequent, clear, engaging communication to successful change efforts.  But what, exactly, are we as change leaders supposed to communicate?


In researching the findings of change and transition experts like William Bridges and John Kotter, we at the RCTaylor Group believe that the “Four P’s of Change” should be the primary message when communicating change.  If leaders can consistently and concisely articulate the “4 P’s”, then change efforts have a much greater likelihood of buy-in and success.


The Four P’s:


  1. What’s the purpose of the change? Why is change necessary? 
  2. Paint a picture of the change.  What is our vision for the team/organization? What will it look like and feel like after the change is implemented?
  3. What is our plan to implement the change?  Step-by-step, how will we get there?
  4. For each individual, identify their part in the change.  What role do they play in this change? How can they help us move forward? 


That’s the heart of your message.  Communicate the purpose, paint the picture (vision), share the plan, and explain each person’s part (role). 


And remember:  communicate, communicate, communicate!

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